ASI DATAMYTE: Automation For Excellence in Quality Management

Raj Chauhan, CTO & VP of Engineering
Most manufacturing firms today are looking to reap the benefits of the IIoT revolution, which include real-time machine to business data accessibility, cost-effectiveness, and enhanced productivity and decision-making. To steer ahead of the competition, manufacturing firms are seeking the assistance of quality management solution vendors to develop key business insights from their data. With more than 40 years of experience in quality management solutions, ASI DATAMYTE provides the agility and visibility that manufacturers need to be successful by having real-time, hierarchy-appropriate data reporting that is automated, reliable and actionable. ASI DATAMYTE, based in Plymouth MN, supports a Quality Management System that is comprised of a full suite of products around data collection, SPC (statistical process control), analysis & reporting, quality planning, hardware, and consulting services.

Raj Chauhan, CTO and VP of Engineering of ASI DATAMYTE describes, “Our closed-loop quality management solutions work cohesively between machines, devices, and software to enable control and transparency in manufacturing processes. We enable the delivery of timely reports and analytics to shop floor assemblers, quality managers, as well as to C-suite level executives to facilitate decision-making.” Having systems that initiate proactive or JIT action or provide accessibility of this data at the required time allows managers to identify improvement areas, optimize processes, and drive critical quality improvement initiatives. To keep pace with frequently changing compliance needs, ASI DATAMYTE also assists its clients in complying with industry standards such as ISO 9001:2015, ISO/TS 16949, D1 9000, AS 9001D and AS 9101E.

Chauhan paints a clearer picture of his company’s capabilities by recalling a customer success story. A leading aerospace company was recently in pursuit of a quality management solution provider. During the assembly process, this aviation firm documented the torque data measurements of each aircraft in its fleet and then wanted to integrate this data into their ERP system.
Over a series of interactions, team ASI DATAMYTE comprehensively understood the business needs of its client to tailor a solution that was aptly aligned with the organization’s goals. The 600 Data Collector, Wireless Lightstar™ Torque Wrench, and TranSend II software, three of ASI DATAMYTE’s products, were used to help the client in its transition. After consulting with the firm, the aerospace company currently is benefiting from its real-time data collection and analytics, which have significantly improved its decision-making abilities and have created production efficiencies by saving time in the assembly process.

The firm is a trusted partner of numerous reputed names from the aerospace industry such as Boeing and Embraer

ASI DATAMYTE’s solutions benefit clients in the aerospace industry in many ways including: substantial cost reduction, efficient management of audit records, risk mitigation, compliance with regulatory benchmarks, and quality control. The firm’s clientele includes several global players such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Embraer S.A, Bombardier Aerospace, Cessna and many others. Most of these eminent players have adopted the ASI DATAMYTE solution for tasks such as audit of drill hole dimensions, prevailing torque, pin protrusion, and even torque inspections.

Over the years, ASI DATAMYTE has expanded its footprint across many locations globally, including Germany, China, Brazil and India, which is a reflection of the strides the firm has made since its inception. The company’s system integrators and distributors are situated across the globe to address the sales and service requirements of customers located in over 40 countries. ASI DATAMYTE is placing its best foot forward toward the development of new technologies aimed at improving product lines and keeping pace with the rapid technological evolution that is influencing the aerospace industry.


Plymouth, MN

Raj Chauhan, CTO & VP of Engineering

ASI DATAMYTE develops innovative quality management solutions aimed at risk mitigation and enhancement of profitability