Infor: Simplified Project Management Driving Cost Containment

Edward Talerico, Industry Director, Aerospace & Defense
In an era of drastic budget cuts, booming growth in commercial aviation and stringent regulation requirements, legacy ERP systems in aerospace industry fail to convince prospects with their functionalities as a practical solution. Consequently, aerospace companies are investing in re-platforming their ERP systems built on technologies in-vogue. Taking a cue from the rapidly modernizing business systems, Infor has designed CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense (A&D), a ready-to-run solution, catering to complex requirements and challenges in A&D companies. “Aerospace and defense manufacturers are consistently looking for new ways to reduce overhead and cut costs while having the agility and speed to respond to ever changing business conditions,” reveals Edward Talerico, Industry Director, Aerospace & Defense, Infor. “The Infor CloudSuite A&D gives them the option to manage their technology in the cloud without a large capital expense, allowing them to realize both immediate and future savings while still maintaining flexibility.”

Infor CloudSuite A&D is a cloud-based solution designed to handle all the aspects of the industry with unparalleled expertise and proven capabilities. CloudSuite has been developed to overcome the most pressing challenges in commercial aviation with project manufacturing, governance, risks and compliance (GRC), contracts and billing, enhanced business analytics dashboards and integrated document management. The firm’s modern ERP system leverages its project planning and tracking tools to monitor, record, report and provide with the up-to-date information to project managers to drive better informed decisions. The firm’s integrated A&D solution consolidates information from multiple Infor- and non- Infor-based systems across an enterprise and integrates it into a single system and allows users to view real-time data— anytime, anywhere and on any device. It also simplifies the process for project managers with accurate contracts and invoicing by calculating overhead costs followed by applying them to contracts based on actual costs.

Being fully compliant with the DFARS, MMAS, and ITAR standards, Infor CloudSuite A&D collaborates across systems and strengthens trade regulation compliance. Infor’s agile, comprehensive, secure, and industry-specific solution allows choosing from three deployment options—cloud, on-premise, and hybrid deployments—offering the flexibility to meet future business needs.

Infor CloudSuite A&D gives manufacturers the option to manage their technology in the cloud without a large capital expense, allowing them to realize both immediate and future savings while still maintaining flexibility

The cloud deployment option does not require purchasing additional onsite servers and hardware turning the solution into an ‘operating expense rather than a capital expense’. This environment is protected by Amazon Web Services and also aids in leveraging AWS Cloud, providing on-demand access to resources.

The new enhanced version of Infor CloudSuite A&D comes with optional add-on components such as Supplier Exchange, Configure Price Quote (CPQ), Infor Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management (d/EPM), and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM).

Many of the world’s leading companies rely on Infor’s end-to-end A&D solutions for streamlining business process to drive efficiency and innovation in managing projects. Once, a U.S.-based company, manufacturing and servicing airport equipments, were grappling to manage their multi-site maintenance operations across the world. Infor Aerospace & Defense was approached to assist the company in accurately tracking inventory, purchases, and maintenance work, along with expenditure details and time consumed in performing these functions. Infor also assisted the company in merging alerts from multiple monitoring systems into a single system to enable right action from the right person, at the right time.

Since its inception in 2002, Infor has evolved by assisting 90,000 customers in more than 200 countries across the globe. The feature-rich Infor Aerospace & Defense solution promises to usher better business decisions, improved cash flow, and flexibility in rapidly transforming landscape of aerospace and defense.


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Edward Talerico, Industry Director, Aerospace & Defense

Provider of cloud-based ERP solution designed to handle all the aspects of A&D industry

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