SYSPRO:Bringing Cloud to Aerospace for Simplifying Ground-Level Operations

Joey Benadretti, President, SYSPRO USA Where other industries have glided towards rapid adoption of cloud computing in their workspace, the aerospace industry is yet to partake its peers. The industry is looking toward successfully managing the surge of orders and the associated production challenge that is driven by the demand and competition in the global environment. The aerospace industry is going through a renaissance period with the inclusion of asset availability services amongst the changes in this engineering and manufacturing oriented industry. In this regard, significant attention needs to be placed on end-to-end business processes, auditable compliance with government and industry regulations, and quality and safety reliability. This results in a greater emphasis on addressing consolidation of systems, big data and meaningful analytics. “Every bit of information can be critical for safety, and the myriad of statutory regulations requires stringent attention to even the smallest of detail,” informs Joey Benadretti, President, SYSPRO USA. “We empower management to make better decisions and have information more readily available.”

Being one of the leading suppliers of on-premise, as well as cloud based ERP, SYSPRO provides software required by the aerospace industry for operational and management control. “We enable many companies in the aerospace industry to transact with the complex industrial alliances that typify aerospace,” adds Benadretti. Whether the client is geared for government or civil work, or deals with various aspects of aircraft or aircraft parts, SYSPRO enables them to streamline their operations and reduce costs. The company also enables the aerospace industry to keep up with the rigorous set of governmental and industry mandated regulatory requirements – like ISO/AS – that demand tight control of manufacturing process and traceability, along with inflexible business practices.

Deft Traceability for Manufacturers

SYSPRO Traceability has the functionality to track both serial and lot numbers on a single part, which is a critical requirement within the aerospace industry. SYSPRO understands the imperative nature of recording and tracking of products in the ground level processes right from design, production, sourcing, to all the way to delivery stages. Benadretti explains that the aerospace industry needs this support for stringent product traceability, including the functionality to track both serial and lot numbers on a single part. This, along with product documentation and revision change control to support zero tolerance for defects, places a greater emphasis on traceability. These challenges are effectively addressed in Traceability which is a comprehensive approach to automating the compliance process. The company provides aerospace companies the ability to generate a complete audit trail of all changes made to the data and records—the who, what, when, and where of the change.

In an implementation highlight, Air Industries, a Garden Grove, CA based manufacturer and supplier of bolts, screws, pins, and lockbolts to prime aerospace contractors globally, was on the lookout for revamping their aging computer system. “With our rapidly expanding product line and stringent lot inventory and traceability requirements, we needed a more sophisticated ERP system,” informs Tim Che, AIC Project Manager, Air Industries. After a lengthy examination of available solutions, Air Industries opted for SYSPRO ERP software based on a Windows-based server.

A comprehensive list of functional recommendations from our base to meet specific customer requirements is continually being worked on

The manufacturer gauged the SYSPRO ERP’s in-depth lot control capability, and potential of saving numerous man-hours via the integrations of Bills of Material, Purchasing, Work in Progress, and Inventory Control. Since their purchase of SYSPRO ERP, Che states that the inventory accuracy within Air Industries improved by 50 percent, and the integrated nature of SYSPRO ERP has also eliminated data duplication, saving numerous man hours. The new solution was able to provide up-to-date information flow to management, enabling more expedient decision-making.

Latest Technology to Thrive and Survive

SYSPRO knows what it takes to survive and thrive, and their full ERP offering, including their latest releases, are exemplary of the evolution of technology over time. Whether it is applications like Document Flow Manager, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Workflow, or Espresso, their device-agnostic mobile platform, the company’s innovative products have successfully enabled its clients to replace paper trails more effectively by digital enhancements. In doing so, SYSPRO’s clients are able to avoid the necessity for cumbersome printing of purchase orders, customer order acknowledgements, invoices, and statements, while providing a method for faster speed of transaction. SYSPRO’s Office Automation application is the driving factor behind the delivery of this secured digital technology. In addition, Office Integration allows for the collaboration externally with customers and suppliers without them having the SYSPRO software installed.

“We have deep understanding of the priorities and needs of the small and mid-sized manufacturer and distributor. At the same time, we have a channel of partners, suppliers and consultants that bring significant expertise to product delivery and the implementation of systems for more effective use of these solutions,” says Benadretti.

"We enable many companies in the aerospace industry to transact with the complex industrial alliances that typify aerospace"

Another customer highlight includes Windings, Inc. who specializes in custom production of electromagnetic motors, generators and sub-assemblies for numerous industries including aerospace and defense. During their investigation for a new ERP system, Windings was looking to introduce flexibility to deal with mixed mode of manufacturing operations, including make-to-stock and make-to-order.
“We agreed that SYSPRO software not only possessed the versatility we were seeking, but also assisted in SQL migration, which would enable us to do custom programming and incorporate a greater degree of analytics into our decision making processes,” says Scott Ward, EVP and CFO, Windings, Inc. According to Ward, the Windings business has grown by 600 percent in the last twelve years, while their office staff has virtually remained the same.

Making the Aerospace Industry Fly!

“The unique quality that we bring is that we understand the significant risks of implementing an ERP system in both large and small organizations and we spend so much of our effort in reducing the risk involved in selecting and deploying the system,” asserts Benadretti. The domain level expertise, combined with broad product range and in-depth applications, provide significant capability for optimizing processes, saving of costs and getting to hidden data that are often not easily visible across systems.

As a software supplier with many applications, development is never at a standstill at SYSPRO. Apart from focusing on core applications, the company continues to apply technology in sync with the evolution of aerospace industry. SYSPRO will continue to lay emphasis on methodologies to shorten implementation cycles that will give greater bottomline advantages to the customer base, helping to reduce costs. “A comprehensive list of functional recommendations from our base to meet specific customer requirements is continually being worked on. In addition, our product development team will take advantage of both current and future market innovations,” says Benadretti.

A major focus area in terms of innovation, according to Benadretti, is machine learning, which is expected to accelerate dramatically as the technologies become more broadly available. “Such advancements will make ERP software more cognizant of each operator’s pattern of behavior, and lessen the laborious keystrokes for navigating through the system,” informs Benadretti. The technological innovation is already making long strides in the aerospace industry where enhancements in security have already been widely introduced in many areas of Enterprise Software, such as facial recognition.The president of SYSPRO USA is also hopeful of the latest buzz in the technology arena, Internet of Things (IoT). In addition, 24/7 self-learning and SYSPRO’s comprehensive education program and certification process will give users the ability to filter more knowledge into the workplace. Furthermore, advancements in mechatronic programming continue to filter into engineering within aerospace companies. “The world is witnessing a major transformation in technology, and SYSPRO is right at the forefront of this change. With a comprehensive strategy in place, SYSPRO will continue to be the ERP partner of choice for its customers,” concludes Benadretti.


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Joey Benadretti, President, SYSPRO USA

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