Paper-Less: Real-Time Analysis: Optimizing Information and Communication

Mike LeRoy, President
Flying cars, massive jets, sleek new fighters, and mars-bound rockets; look up to the sky to descry a glimpse of the avant-garde aerospace technology. With a history of being an early adopter and innovator, the Global Aerospace technology has dialed back from ingenious conveniences to critical dependencies. Flying has become faster, cheaper and better, forcing aerospace industry participants to improve management of resources, costs and upgrade their manufacturing process. “In addition, Aerospace/Defense Manufacturers are also concerned with adhering to increasing complex compliance and regulatory requirements,” begins Mike LeRoy, President, Paper-Less, LLC. “We help aerospace companies leverage manufacturing intelligence in order to make necessary adjustments to their building processes.” The Paper-Less MV2 Manufacturing Execution System (MES) ensures Aerospace/Defense manufacturing accountability and quality while increasing efficiency and addressing compliance requirements. The solution optimizes information flowing across the shop floor and the enterprise—to support real-time or historical analysis of production, operations and workflows for achieving business goals.

As a purpose-driven, manufacturing process-centric solution, MV2 enables deeper integration with manufacturing workflows and leverages production intelligence— by offering real-time notifications on a wide spectrum of issues. Paper-Less MV2 is designed to meld into the workflows on the production floor. “Our Sub-Routing feature goes beyond ERP based routing steps to allow more detailed tasks to be defined and support more complex manufacturing environments and interfacing with plant floor automation,” says LeRoy. MV2’s Digital Shop Packets provides workers the supporting information needed to produce the legitimate product—accessible to production workers. Additionally, it’s browserbased, mobile and multiple device interoperability allows managers and workers an easy access to Paper-Less’ MV2 for managing material and handling production systems. Companies using multi-tiered ERP systems or disparate ERP systems benefit from the easy user interface provided by MV2. “Paper-Less MV2 also provides multi- language support for English, Spanish, Chinese, French and German languages,” points out LeRoy. From an ERP perspective, experts at Paper-Less have the knowledge required to improve the manufacturing process.
The company’s production consultants are ready to assist with an evaluation of current operations, also possessing the capability to provide an ROI projection for the result. “We have served various clients and have enjoyed relationships that stood the test of time by emphasizing on partnering with customers, employees, vendors and others for mutual success,” says LeRoy.

For instance, Norlen, a metal fabricating and stamping company that serves aerospace customers, required assistance to improve their quality conformance, accuracy of reporting customer order status and on-time delivery performance. The company also wanted to move from a paper-generating, multi-system shop floor environment to a streamlined, paperless and fully integrated eco-system. “We helped them save four to five reams of paper every week and eliminated the need for expensive printing equipment, which allowed supervisors to save a minimum two hours per day,” explains LeRoy. This reduced paper work and this ability allowed them to release jobs efficiently to the shop floor—resulting in greater accuracy, higher productivity and level of job satisfaction.

Paper-Less continues to accomplish customer objectives, like the MES implementation for CPI Aero-structures. The company achieved new levels of functionality and efficiency by implementing Paper-Less’ procedurecentric MES software which earned Paper- Less a Frost & Sullivan Manufacturing Leadership Technology Partner Award.

MES solution ensures Aerospace/Defense manufacturing accountability and quality while increasing efficiency and addressing compliance requirements

Moving ahead, Paper-Less aims to expand its MES technology and service solutions to increase visibility into production processes in innovative ways. “Mobile and cloud applications and integration of machine level interfaces are some of the technologies we are working to incorporate for the benefit of our customers,” concludes LeRoy.


Oconomowoc, WI

Mike LeRoy, President

Provides real-time insight for better management of complex manufacturing environments with Paper-Less MV2 MES software solution