InfinityQS: SPC-based Software for Compliance and Quality Check

Michael A. Lyle, President & CEO
With high demand for quality control and certification in the aerospace industry, suppliers build their products using expensive materials, high precision processes. Even a slightest of manufacturing defect can often lead to huge industry issues. The overall lifecycle of a product depends on the quality of the work process involved. The industry has seen rise in air passengers, complex supply chains, and stricter certification for quality standards which requires constant and stringent monitoring of the suppliers’ manufacturing lines. Based in Fairfax, VA, InfinityQS provides Statistical Process Control (SPC) based software and service to assist with quality, audit and compliance needs of the aerospace industry. “We provide real-time data to address the challenges within the manufacturing lines in the aerospace industry,” says Michael A. Lyle, President and CEO, InfinityQS.

InfinityQS delivers its solution through its cloud based software, ProFicient which enables an organization to get real-time insights of their vendor’s manufacturing floor. This allows them to access the quality of production and eliminate the existing quality check procedures like Source Inspection and Certificate of Analysis (COA). Recalling the product from the market affects the brand value and goodwill of any organization. To mitigate the risk of recall, ProFicient tracks the workflow within the supply chain to avoid or easily overcome any recalls and gives detailed report of every manufactured lot. The organization can easily get to know the details of raw material and causes of non performing machinery lots. “ProFicient’s Lot Genealogy and Traceability solution creates genealogical trees of manufactured lots, facilitating the tracking and investigation about a particular lot,” adds Lyle.

ProFicient is an open platform software that allows easy integration across the entire manufacturing line for accurate and real-time data. The ProFicient compliance solution is designed in such a way that it instantly records and creates electronic documentation for compliance check. The compliance check meets up to the standard of any third-party or internal audits for QMS (Quality management systems) like ISO 9001:2008, AS 9100C:2009, EN9100:2009 and JIS Q 9100:2009.
ProFicient constantly works on built-in checklists and alerts features that comply with data obtained by the SPC engine for QMS requirement, based on key product characteristics. ProFicient’s automatic audit trail logging feature maintains the record of all changes done to the database. The database auditing provides complete traceability for any edits or changes to the database record. The ProFicient’s reason for change tracking feature ensures that the users select the reason for changes from the pre-defined list.

We provide real-time data to address the challenges within the manufacturing line in aerospace industry

InfinityQS has been providing manufacturing solutions to the leading aerospace companies like Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and Tyee Aircraft. Raytheon, an aerospace company that particularly deals with defense sector, space and special mission aircrafts needed to monitor process management to produce silicon wafers with high precision. Raytheon, partnered with ProFicient, addressed the issues related to the manufacturing floor. To maintain 100 percent accuracy, all the software within the manufacturing lines needed to be compatible. The SPC based ProFicient enabled Raytheon to collect data from products while they were being produced and ProFicient provided graphs to determine if the process is within the accepted range. Lyle says, “We help quality managers to take decision based on real-time and accurate data that is visible from the production floor.”

With the team of Six Sigma experts, statisticians, and certified quality engineers, the firm aims at constant innovation in the field of manufacturing intelligence for enhancing the quality and safety standard within aerospace industry.


Michael A. Lyle, President & CEO

Provides SPC based software for compliance and quality check within aerospace industry.

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