iBASEt: Industry-proven Aerospace and DoD Expertise

Ladeira Poonian, CEO
With the changing business dynamics and increased competition in the aerospace industry, companies are undergoing a gradual and relentless technological transformation to develop ingenious solutions. Though the arena has consistently been a sector of innovation and trends, companies are facing increased heat in terms of regulations, competition, extensive and composite supply chains. Addressing these challenges, iBASEt, an integrated suite of software systems provider, delivers information and process control that simplifies multiform manufacturing which accelerates visibility and control from the shop floor to the top floor. The company focuses on lifecycle cost reduction and business model transformation, with its one integrated suite of software systems that synchronize data. “We streamline multiplex manufacturing strategies to enable faster time-to-market for improved product with high levels of quality and compliance,” says Ladeira Poonian, CEO, iBASEt.

The company’s flagship product, Solumina streamlines and integrates Manufacturing Execution System and Manufacturing Operations Management (MES/MOM), Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) and Enterprise Quality Management System (EQMS) for operations and Supplier Quality Management. The software delivers agile real-time business processes across enterprises that allow organizations to deliver faster manufacturing productivity by giving operators and supervisors visibility from the entire workforce. With the addition of MES, the company is able to covers a wide range of manufacturing support functions, which helps to get better real time visibility. “Solumina is purpose-built to provide aerospace compound manufacturers with the solutions, technologies, and tools to stay profitable,” adds Ladeira.

By using the Solumina software suite, companies are able to streamline the information flow between manufacturing engineering and quality and production departments. It helps in integrating products and process changes. “We provide proven out-of-the-box solution that delivers information and process control,” says Ladeira. Solumina MRO software expedites, simplifies multiple error-prone maintenance, repair and overhaul processes, and lowers maintenance costs. The software helps in reducing entanglement and increasing manufacturing reliability by expediting instruction revisions directly to operators.
“Solumina delivers work instructions digitally and ensures that every operator on the personnel is abiding by the same set of instructions, further driving up accuracy and driving down errors,” says Ladeira. The software integrates with existing PLM and ERP to help manufacturers innovate faster by giving the proper input and reducing labor, so that it makes miscellaneous work simple. iBASEt provides the services required to ensure a smooth implementation and transition to Solumina. The implementation methodology includes analyzing existing systems, recommending re-engineering of processes by implementing product to interface with key enterprise systems, and provide employee training. “We have a proven track record of delivering global implementations across multiple tiers of the supply chain,” says Ladeira.

iBASEt integrates complex manufacturing strategies which improves the company’s overall performance. Companies with complex manufacturing operations have standardized to improve supply chain visibility and performance. The company’s team of experts understands businesses, regulatory requirements, and prior system constraints behind current business practices, which enhances the implementation of an MES system.

We streamline multiplex manufacturing strategies to enable faster time-to-market for improved product with high levels of quality and compliance

For example, a company called General Dynamics AIS used Solumina to reduce workforce paperwork and top down visibility into quality. The company exemplifies Progressive Manufacturing and used the Solumina MES software suite as its core technology to modernize production operations and achieved a completely paperless shop floor. Dynamic AIS was able to provide direct benefit to their customers by providing quality and manufacturing data to support continuous improvement efforts. “We provide actual time data and manufacturing intelligence," says Ladeira.


Ladeira Poonian, CEO

An integrated suite of software systems provider who delivers information and process control that simplifies multiform manufacturing