EmpowerMX: Next Generation Technology for Aviation Maintenance

Dinakara Nagalla, President & CEO
In the last few years, Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) businesses have been encountering significant growth due to emerging markets and rapid fleet expansion; especially in Asia and Africa. This is primarily because of the dramatic shift in the way business operations are strategized within the aerospace arena. Aircraft maintenance operations are transforming from an internal airline-owned operation to an airline managed global supply chain of vendors. That said, the strenuous and intense aircraft projects demand ontime delivery, and several MROs find it difficult to maintain their pace while providing mission critical systems to accomplish cost and time-to-market goals. On the bright side, this need is intuitively addressed by EmpowerMX, headquartered in Frisco, TX. By leveraging solutions explicitly designed for the MRO arena, EmpowerMX uses a powerful blend of technology which breeds on cloud and mobility. “With cloud-based technology solutions, we enable our customers to focus on their business while avoiding the hassles of how the technology works,” remarks Dinakara Nagalla, President and CEO, EmpowerMX.

EmpowerMX’s solutions come in separate featured packages, known as the FleetCycle® Aero, FleetCycle® MRO, and FleetCycle® TS. The company’s primary solution—FleetCycle® Aero—is designed to facilitate airline owned maintenance and engineering operations. It allows mechanics to employ BYOD at any location, without necessitating them to use computer kiosks, thereby reducing maintenance downtime. With a mix of enterprise level software products, FleetCycle® Aero supports the maintenance required for medium to large size airlines. “Our flagship product FleetCycle® Electronic Log- Book (FCELB) provides point-and-click technology for aircraft status and operational discrepancies, aircraft servicing, and documentation of maintenance activities,” adds Nagalla. FCELB is capable of using real-time maintenance intelligence which helps in timely decision making during critical scenarios.

Alternatively, FleetCycle® MRO integrates IT solutions to help customers automate and streamline primary MRO functions.
The solution’s functionality covers logistics planning, coordinating operations, and bills of material management, which are focused on improving production efficiencies. Additionally, a diverse array of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services unique to the aircraft maintenance industry is delivered through FleetCycle® TS. By replacing paper intensive workflows, EmpowerMX’s FleetCycle® solutions capture the actual time taken to accomplish routine and nonroutine maintenance tasks. The software solutions are designed to be accessible from anywhere, irrespective of devices like desktops and iPads, and are largely innovated on touch-technology. “Our FleetCycle® solutions not only meet customer needs, but also take companies to the next level,” says Nagalla.

Much of EmpowerMX’s prowess is discernible from the services given to its illustrious clientele. For instance, one of the major international fleet carriers from the U.S. approached EmpowerMX to help power the expansion of their MRO. The client was unable to invoice their own customers for at least six months after the aircraft had been delivered. The high error-rate reported in their in-house system kept bouncing back even after rectifying them. After the implementation of EmpowerMX’s FleetCycle® MRO solution and providing the right consultation, the client reduced the invoicing time quickly along with a 90 percent decrease in the error-rate.

Our FleetCycle® solutions not only meet customer needs, but also take companies to the next level

EmpowerMX is currently working toward achieving diverse technological innovations to transform their product offerings to even greater levels. Innovations like big data, data warehouse, and data-capture methodology will be merged with FleetCycle® solutions for more agile and user-friendly functions. In addition, EmpowerMX is targeting to span their business across emerging markets such as Europe and Asia.


Dinakara Nagalla, President & CEO

An aviation maintenance software solutions provider for medium to large size airlines.

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