Comply365: Native Mobile Applications for Improved Workflow

Kerry Frank, CEO
Following the hundred-plus years after the invention of the first aircraft, we have witnessed a revolution in the industry driven by the everevolving technology. These advancements have been instrumental in improving the industry’s operational efficiencies and reducing costs. While this is the case, some areas of the aviation industries still run on paper-heavy, manual processes. One such instance is that of airlines spending millions on printing operating manuals, logbooks, airport information and safety checklists. With a drive towards innovation, Comply365 provides secure, digital applications that enable organizations to improve productivity through streamlined digital document management, electronic forms, training, automated workflows and compliance and reporting. Companies can leverage one or all of the solutions to drive operational efficiencies to new heights and to leverage insights from real-time data.

“Our flexible mobile solution, myMobile365, helps solve a myriad of problems for airlines from the flight deck to the cabin,” says Kerry Frank, CEO and Founder of Comply365. Pilots can use this application on their mobile devices in the cockpit to access their manuals and to receive real-time information and updates from corporate headquarters and cabin members–enabling an effective, efficient, and streamlined communication process.

Aviation is Comply365’s flagship industry and the firm works with nearly all of the U.S. based airlines helping them reducing the use of paper in the industry and the money spent on printing forms or documents. “Maintaining paper documents has often resulted in human error, delay, and inefficiency in a workflow. With the aim of transforming the traditional cockpit to electronic flight bag, airlines have adopted our Document & Communication Manager platform to get real-time information,” explains Kerry. As changes are made, Comply365’s system automatically updates each user’s information instantly, ensuring users always have the latest information and that they are compliant with regulations. With Comply365’s solutions, every department can take advantage of mobility.For example, with Forms365, pilots, In- Flight, and Maintenance can fill out checklists and capture data and information right on a mobile device to make it easier to record consistent data, trigger a workflow and provide instant reporting. Comply365’s product, Content365, enables users to upload existing content and create, edit and distribute new content securely, in any format like HTML or PDF.
Companies can also ensure consistency of policies and procedures to regulatory and internal standards with Standards365.

Our flexible mobile solution, myMobile365, helps solve a myriad of problems for airlines from the flight deck to the cabin

Another of Comply365’s products, Workflow365, provides an automated, consistent way to manage processes, route information and delegate projects making tasks seamless and efficient. “The application provides users with relevant, real-time data and delivers automatic notifications and updates to the right people at the right time to mitigate risk and missed deadlines,” explains Kerry. Additionally, the solution enables customers to maintain efficient communications and liberates users from cluttered inboxes and delayed workflows with the use of their In-App mail platform. Comply365’s unique ability to provide access to data and integrate to existing and third-party solutions gives enterprises a competitive edge and decision-making power with its rigorously tested solutions that set it apart from the rest. The company’s prowess lies in their reliable cloud-based solutions within the highly regulated industries and ecosystems of Aviation, Rail, and Logistics.

Comply365’s secure solution platform helps the majority of the US commercial aviation companies save millions in printing, distribution, and fuel costs as well as delivers unprecedented efficiencies, enhanced safety information and up-todate data for airline employees. Their full suite of innovative products enable users in the Transportation Industry to quickly send secure data and content in any file type–videos, PowerPoints, PDFs, and more. Comply365 is clearly transforming aviation and quickly on the road to becoming a billion dollar company.


Kerry Frank, CEO

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