InfinityQS: Real-Time View of Manufacturing Operations

Michael Lyle, CEO & Co-Founder
The benefits Taekwondo propounds are immense; it enhances self-esteem, builds confidence and strengthens mind and body. With a black belt in this martial art, Michael Lyle, CEO and Co-founder of InfinityQS has adapted these qualities in his life that helps him steer the journey of his organization successfully, for more than two decades. His software acumen, vision for advancement, and passion for continually pushing the envelope on innovation are the key drivers that resulted in his being a recurrent name in the list of “Provider Pros to Know’, for four years. Incepted in the year 1989 by Lyle and Christopher Kearsley, the company carries a broader interpretation in its name; Infinity is a statistical symbol which also implies “endless possibilities” and QS stands for Quality Systems.

When it comes to manufacturing quality in the aerospace industry, there is no margin for error. In order to stay in compliance with the standards set by the aviation industry and to meet client demands, manufacturers in this space are challenged to be proactive while ensuring product quality. InfinityQS, headquartered in Fairfax, VA is committed to facilitating quality products across the aerospace industry.

With its ProFicient statistical process control engine, InfinityQS provides the ability to transmit real-time information directly to manufacturing executives’ mobile devices and centralized quality control hubs. ProFicient software provides a track and trace lot genealogy solution across the entire supply chain enabling aerospace and defense OEM and tier suppliers to significantly reduce the time and costs of recalls, take proactive steps to prevent recalls and easily control documents and produce reports.
ProFicient’s SPC Quality Hub, a single quality data repository, can pull data from disparate systems, making traceability and compliance audit documentation and reporting easy.

“ProFicient has the tools to manage Statistical Process Control (SPC) for long and short production runs, multiple characteristics and limited data collection opportunities. Whether implemented in a single location, or deployed worldwide with cloud-based access and supplier integration, ProFicient is changing the way manufacturers do business,’’ elaborates Lyle on the solution.

Even though the company’s roots go back to the aerospace industry its solutions are a good fit for small manufacturing shops to large Fortune 100 companies with global implementations. Their client base in the aerospace vertical is indeed interesting and includes many top notch companies such as Boeing, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Parker, Raytheon and Tyee Aircraft. Raytheon, a defense contractor and producer of guided missiles was having trouble integrating production line systems, security elements and charts at one of its plants. Using InfinityQS’s ProFicient, Raytheon was able to overcome these challenges and bring its products up to speed to meet customer specifications. In the words of David Liu, quality engineer, at Raytheon “My engineers learned to navigate and use the software very easily because of its intuitive design and functionality. The security of the software, one of our major concerns when searching for an SPC solution, has exceeded our expectations.”

With an adept team of account managers, industrial statisticians, certified quality engineers and six sigma black belts, InfinityQS adheres to its mission of creating tailored quality management solutions, addressing the varied needs of their customers.


Fairfax, VA

Michael Lyle, CEO & Co-Founder

Helps manufacturers monitor and control product quality from a single facility to an entire enterprise and supply chain.

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